Dream of Axe

MEANING: Dream of axe suggests that does not have to be your main source of income, but it could bring in some extra money. You will have to face tense situations in which you must impose yourself and defend your ideas. Don’t be so abrupt today when addressing others. Today you feel a strong desire for recognition and approval from others. You need to take new steps toward independence.

SOON: Dream of axe indicates that if someone starts to walk away from you maybe it’s because they don’t deserve you. In the afternoon you are interested in reading or learning more about a somewhat complex subject. You know that success must be shared with someone who has helped you a lot. It’s your decision time, whether you have a partner or not. It’s a promising start, full of positive energy.

FUTURE: Dream of axe symbolises that good news will make you end the day with a smile. You will see everything very clearly and feel good in any company or in solitude. The time to settle outstanding issues is now. You are in full development and want to do things right. You will want to be somewhat withdrawn and quiet with your thoughts.

ADVICE: Treat him with affection, invest time in him, propose an outing, a walk or invite him to eat. Be careful with paperwork or any tasks you have delegated to him.

WARNING: If you observe how a colleague criticizes and spreads a rumor, do not participate no matter what. Don’t cut yourself off when it comes to defending your work, you need it.

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