Dream of Awakening

MEANING: Dream of awakening indicates that you will have many good times today if you make your own plans and don’t expect to get them done. You can find very interesting people or issues you haven’t noticed before. You will finally make a new decision that could totally transform your life. Opening the door to new experiences is something that will bring you spiritual renewal. Getting out of the monotony and routine will be your main goal for the weekend.

SOON: Dream of awakening expresses that if you are self-employed, it is time to start something new. Christmas has put your scale of values into question and you have decided to make a change. Many times silence says more than a thousand words. You deserve the best and have worked hard all year. The best thing is that you are sincere and authentic.

FUTURE: Dream of awakening signifies that controlled yes, but by daring, you will win. Outside help such as a professional coach could be very helpful. A person from outside your usual environment will bring you luck. You are going to close those issues that are bothering you psychologically. The new, the never tried by you will attract you like a magnet.

ADVICE: You need to know if your feelings are true. Don’t be afraid that a certain person might get angry that you make your own decisions.

WARNING: Don’t keep criticizing what you don’t like and emphasize more the good qualities of others. Do not, for the moment, carry out changes that threaten in any way your stability and your future.

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