Dream of Asparagus

MEANING: Dream of asparagus indicates that you are trying to not let your emotions cloud your judgment. Today it is preferable that you carry out only simple activities that allow you to be calm. You must give full importance to what your partner tells you. You are all over the place in your emotions and thinking. You are feeling deprived of your needs and desires.

SOON: Dream of asparagus symbolises that life is a gift, and you began to realize that not so long ago. You could use some organization in many aspects of your life. The important thing is that you feel satisfied at all times. Your better half does not exist, but the person with whom you can share your life does. Self-motivation at work is your best weapon.

FUTURE: Dream of asparagus means that a certain project with the foreigner will bring you many future joys. You will receive their thanks for your support and you will feel very happy. If things don’t move forward, at least you will expand your network of friends. Changing certain routines will make you feel better. Everything that has to do with laws, lawyers or trials is observed in your near future.

ADVICE: Includes those who value that substantially. Let nothing frighten you or scare you because everything that happens is somehow convenient for you.

WARNING: Don’t complain so much and get your thoughts in tune with the positive energy around you. Try not to open up sterile discussions with your partner or with your roommates.

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