Dream of An Ufo

MEANING: Dream of an ufo means that don’t let your guard down as someone might betray you today. Try to rest at night and disconnect as much as possible from the things that worry you. Don’t put limits to your creativity and manifest those ideas that live in your mind. Today you will enjoy solitude and will not need to share time with anyone. If you look in the mirror, you will see your image reinforced.

SOON: Dream of an ufo indicates that if you have doubts, it is better that each one follow his path. You don’t have to believe much in valentine’s day to take advantage of it with your partner. Good management of your money and finances are important at this time. There is a light that opens up in business or economics. Others see in you a slight tendency to manipulate when you have the opportunity.

FUTURE: Dream of an ufo suggests that a friend will make you think about this and you will have to agree with him. The exercise will make you feel with a clearer mind. Sincerity will be your ally, though to be sincere you must get rid of fear. Your mood will gradually improve because you will be offered a great plan for the weekend. Later, at lunch, you will think of some luminous idea and you will go back to the flight.

ADVICE: Try to take a quiet walk, breathe freely before going home. If you are on the unemployment list, don’t be discouraged.

WARNING: You must try to separate, no matter how hard it is, one and another area. If your partner does not succeed in doing this or that, do not insist.

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A ufo came out in my street and I was playing with children. It landed and some persons came out of it. They knew everything about everyone like their whole life. They also made a mute girl talk with their powers.