Dream of An Hour

MEANING: Dream of an hour means that you need to reconsider some issue or situation before committing to it. If you close yourself off, you will lose out and you may eventually regret it very much. You’re the one who jumps in and takes any comment out of context. You will meet interesting people and have the opportunity to dance with lifelong friends. Allow yourself to enjoy these days to the fullest and not fight your own instincts.

SOON: Dream of an hour symbolises that covenants are favorable and that is why married people are supported by their spouses. It’s time to take steps forward, towards your own happiness. If you don’t have it, maybe it’s the beginning of something very nice. You like to feel pampered by your partner to whom you demand constant signs of affection. You know someone with whom you have a priori chemistry and you sense a long term friendship.

FUTURE: Dream of an hour expresses that you will do your best to free yourself from everything that bothers you, irritates you, limits you. Doors will begin to open to get loans, promotions, offers and labor favors. You will start the day with a smile and your mood will be enthusiastic and positive. A new world is opening up, but you have to go step by step. You know that sometimes you are very surprising in your decisions.

ADVICE: Get ready for next week’s beautiful and amazing events. Relax, it’s getting better, but try not to get caught.

WARNING: Don’t waste your time on what activities and focus on what is your passion now. Don’t launch into new business at the moment.

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