Dream of An Excavation

MEANING: Dream of an excavation means that don’t feel responsible for things you haven’t done or for other people’s problems. New light and insight is being shed on a problem that is nagging on your mind. What you didn’t see so clearly yesterday, today begins to clear in your mind. Try throughout the day to act as you always do, faithful to your ideas. Your personal desires and illicit pleasures may land you into trouble.

SOON: Dream of an excavation means that the important thing is that you do, every day, what you know you have to do. You like to be a leader, but sometimes you have to step aside to give someone else a chance. This situation can be fixed if there is no loss of patience and good communication. Your great energy gives you the strength to recover quickly from any problem. There is no one who can change your mind at this time.

FUTURE: Dream of an excavation indicates that fears and insecurities will be overcome, and you will feel loved, fulfilled and happy. Your most romantic side will come out and you will surprise your partner with something new. Enjoying the company of the most intimate you will meet someone who will somehow surprise you. You will have to thank a member of your family. A romantic dinner in the evening could be the finishing touch to a week that has been wonderful.

ADVICE: Try some cultural activity, music will do you good. Have a great time, but try not to make the same mistake you made last week.

WARNING: Pay attention to those little health ailments. If you don’t find them, don’t go any further for now.

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