Dream of An Archer

MEANING: Dream of an archer indicates that if you demand too much when choosing, you will never find that perfect person. Let yourself be carried away by your heart and dare to take the steps of courage that your inner self is asking you. You are overwhelmed because while others are having fun, you are working. Follow your path even if others do not understand you. You will have to face tense situations in which you must impose yourself and defend your ideas.

SOON: Dream of an archer symbolises that you would certainly do well to discover new ways to relax. Life is wonderful if you choose to see it that way. You can enter a professional project with a group of colleagues. You feel ready to make your own decisions. It’s not just about being scared, but being objective about the pros and cons of that attitude.

FUTURE: Dream of an archer shows that something you have said or written not long ago may catch up with you. A big trip is coming, either for work or for pleasure, which could be to a very distant country. Love will leave a beautiful mark on your existence. You will have to analyze if the changes are worthwhile. You will reach a remarkable level of success in a test that was putting your life.

ADVICE: Take your time and reflect on those issues that concern you. Be more flexible about what you cannot change.

WARNING: Do not think about him if you are on vacation and if not, try not to be so affected by what they say. Sometimes you are too insistent and you must take it into account.

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