Dream of A Visit To

MEANING: Dream of a visit to expresses that you are taking too long to accomplish your goals. Although you will be a little confused at the moment, let yourself go without thinking about the future. There is no turning back once you move forward with your goals. You would like to celebrate this day in a special way, but you are afraid of being judged or not understood. Disciplining your mind is as important as disciplining your body and that should now be clear to you.

SOON: Dream of a visit to symbolises that sometimes you have to take risks, make decisions. You are on the right track when you rejoice in your heart for others. Luck smiles on you and new opportunities to progress and increase your income are presented to you. Right now you feel like flying free and you don’t want to commit to anyone. It’s time to focus on the professional, on the career and on the most immediate goals.

FUTURE: Dream of a visit to means that you are about to embark on a home renovation that will involve a considerable outlay. Someone from your inner circle will be a great support these days. Your attitude towards your partner and family changes for the better. You will see how many things about your environment and even your physical strength improve. Still your opinions will be very valuable to him and you will feel useful and happy.

ADVICE: Let your intuition guide you because you will be right. Bear in mind that where there is war, you must put peace and where there is chaos, harmony.

WARNING: Don’t get nervous and more if it’s about health issues. In that case, don’t stop following the signs that only your own heart will give you.

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