Dream of A Raining

MEANING: Dream of a raining means that you will feel useful and confident that you can carry out that which interests you so much. You need to give more in some relationship or situation. Only this way you can fulfill all your responsibilities. Don’t feel bad, better they talk about you than ignore you. Let the day go by without showing your full opposition or refuting their arguments.

SOON: Dream of a raining means that you are the one who best knows what is best for you at this time in your life. That calms you down and makes you breathe and be able to think about other things. You have time for everyone, you just have to make better use of it and not get overwhelmed. There are possibilities of love affairs you hadn’t thought of. You know that success must be shared with someone who has helped you a lot.

FUTURE: Dream of a raining suggests that new information pushes you to new achievements in your area of work or profession. Some special order will take you out of the monotony. Everything will clear up by itself after a few days. You will feel a spiritual and mental renewal. You will need to make an extra effort to achieve something you want.

ADVICE: Organize a plan with your family or friends. If someone is interested in you, let yourself be seduced.

WARNING: Avoid alcohol, smoking, and useless worries. Don’t make the same mistakes and exercise much restraint in your spending.

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It was raining and my son whom I saw as a baby ran in rain and got wet and came. I looked at him and asked him why did he went in rain. I holded him and started to pamper him.