Dream of A Job

MEANING: Dream of a job indicates that perhaps there is a new lesson that you need to learn. If you act impulsively, you are very likely to make mistakes. You should pay more attention to your partner’s behavior in the last few days. The person you like will notice you for the first time and that will encourage you a lot. It is true that at the beginning she will show little empathy with you, but she will end up understanding you.

SOON: Dream of a job symbolises that you have very important people and goals to meet. You are in a good time to get the job of your dreams. In these cases, affection and company is the most important. Saying what you think is good, but with a little left hand, better. Mistakes, if you take note, are an exceptional form of learning.

FUTURE: Dream of a job means that life will put a person in your path who can help you. Doors will open soon where you least expect it. You will see how your opinion is taken into account and valued. A whatsupp will bring a smile to your face, will move you. Something will happen that will give you the key to act.

ADVICE: Overcome uncertainty and fear of failure and you will reach the top. Do it, in a subtle way, and you won’t regret.

WARNING: Don’t obsess about it, because it’s the worst thing you can do now. If you are looking for a job, don’t despair or lose confidence.

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