Dream of A Gryphon

MEANING: Dream of a gryphon symbolises that be crafty and intelligent, and do not let yourself be carried away by low passions. You are stuck in your current circumstances. You need to stop what you are doing and reevaluate your choices or decisions. Something magical and unexpected will happen that will change everything from one moment to the next. Soon you will be able to find your better half, but don’t think that everything will be very easy.

SOON: Dream of a gryphon means that what you need to analyze is what you really want and how you will feel better in the future. Investing in your training means investing in your future. True success is built day by day, it does not come all at once. You are lucky to be surrounded by people who are worthwhile. Generosity makes you the first to take out your wallet to pay for the round of canes and skewers.

FUTURE: Dream of a gryphon symbolises that your bosses will greatly value your effort. You won’t be staying home tonight and that will be good for you. On a date with friends you will have a great time and be introduced to someone you might like. You start the week with a lot of energy, so channel it whenever you can or you will get stressed out. You regain your balance after the storm of problems that has hit you lately.

ADVICE: Keep working on them mentally and looking for information little by little. Improve your somewhat aggressive attitude towards others.

WARNING: Try to clear things up with the rumor maker. You don’t have to act any differently than your inner self dictates.

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