Dream of Zit

MEANING: Dream of zit symbolises that you will feel very comforted by his words and will know the path you should take. If you have recently started a relationship, you will see how it evolves little by little. It is in your hand to squeeze the maximum juice from a wonderful experience that will take place today. It will be a calm day in almost everything, but with a point of ambition in the professional. New changes in your life will take you to new directions and new heights of status and recognition.

SOON: Dream of zit signifies that you are now interested in finding an ally around you. To be trusted is good, but only to a certain extent. Your desire for everything is renewed, your apathy is removed and you are truly motivated again. You are prepared to take risks in pursuit of an idea or project. That attitude, although not easy for you, is the one that best suits you.

FUTURE: Dream of zit expresses that you’ll get excited again in the sentimental field and you’ll feel very happy. On the contrary, if you suffer from any problem or ailment, the recovery will be quick and total. You’ll have a great time because it’s a challenge you can overcome without any problems. No one or anything can tarnish your professional aura. Everything you were waiting for or that was stuck now comes with great ease and speed.

ADVICE: Be that as it may, changes will be inevitable and it is better to face them as soon as possible. You need to catch up on your physical well-being.

WARNING: Don’t object to anything even if you think it’s wrong. Don’t go around telling things about your partner that belong to his private life.

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