Dream of Yellow And Green

MEANING: Dream of yellow and green suggests that be demanding of those around you and learn to set limits. Subconscious thoughts may be trying to push to the surface. You will feel bewitched by someone with a lot of charisma and will not know well how to act or behave. That freedom of action in everything will suit you very well. Ideas and more ideas in relation to work will flow relentlessly.

SOON: Dream of yellow and green signifies that your vitality and health improve significantly. There is mutual trust and perfect communication. You don’t usually ask for advice and need it often. Sometimes you are very influenced by advertising and by some marketing experts. Life is teaching you to have confidence in yourself and in the decisions you make.

FUTURE: Dream of yellow and green means that anyway, everything goes well with communication. Above all, in matters of the heart, it will play a very important role. Empathy is a quality that you will always want to develop. The friend you least expect will be the one who helps you the most. You will understand, almost suddenly, some of the events that you have lived lately.

ADVICE: If you need help do not hesitate to ask that family member who has always supported you. Let others have their say and you will get a good atmosphere and fun.

WARNING: Don’t be obsessed with something you heard yesterday that was a bit accidental. Neither is that obsession you have with image that can damage your health.

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