Dream of Winnowing

MEANING: Dream of winnowing suggests that today will be an especially fruitful day in many ways. Problems will not be lacking but your emotional strength will lead you to deal with them intelligently. Don’t try to make too much progress on the projects you are doing. You are feeling drained or emotionally impoverished. You are seeking to recapture innocence that is lost.

SOON: Dream of winnowing symbolises that changes in the home and family circle continue. Now it is time to live the present and look ahead, without guilt or self-pity. What began as a simple friendship now develops to other deeper levels. You have been proposed a plan with friends to spend the weekend. You are anxious for physical and emotional rest and now is the time to achieve it.

FUTURE: Dream of winnowing symbolises that your individualistic side will come out again, but your more creative side, too. You can easily communicate your ideas and plans to others. Things will happen too fast in the area of your personal relationships. In the afternoon you will find a family problem that will not be serious, but it will be annoying. You’ll have to do your best, but the reward will be great.

ADVICE: If once you get a rough idea you still think the same, act. Listen to your inner guide and she will give you amazing answers.

WARNING: Don’t get lazy and put off an important conversation with her until tomorrow. Don’t program, don’t plan, don’t analyze and let life be the one that sets the pace.

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