Dream of Windshield

MEANING: Dream of windshield indicates that a heated discussion will cause some wear and tear on everyone around you. You meet by chance an old acquaintance who will be happier to see you than you are to him. Try to listen to him with kindness, without judgment, and do not rush into advice. On the other hand, it would be good for you today to forget about sedentarism, move your body. You are feeling helpless and trapped by some situation.

SOON: Dream of windshield means that many things are happening around you and you are a spectator of all these changes. You have a friend who did the same as you not so long ago. The less noise around you, the better to clear your mind. You have fun and control the situation with a lot of control, which makes your self-esteem rise. Sometimes doing nothing means doing a lot for yourself.

FUTURE: Dream of windshield symbolises that with a little interest, it will be enough for everything to work properly. Extraordinary things will happen to you, and you will be very surprised at your own behavior. Imagination and creativity will have no limits and your work will be recognized and valued. Your personality will be enough to magnetize those who are by your side. That relationship is consolidated and you must let yourself be carried away by love and passion.

ADVICE: Be more spontaneous and don’t worry all the time about making a good impression. Take the opportunity to go to the movies with a friend.

WARNING: Don’t promise things you can’t deliver, and don’t build castles where there’s only sand. Don’t make value judgments with news that may surprise you.

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