Dream of White Furniture

MEANING: Dream of white furniture symbolises that there is some situation, object or relationship that you are trying to hold on to. You will overcome your adversities with ease. You are feeling disconnected in some aspect of your life – work, relationship or home life. It is possible that within a period of time you will obtain money that is of justice or that corresponds to you. The voice of your heart will tell you not to do something, but you may not listen.

SOON: White furniture in dream suggests that if you do not have them, it is time to consider having offspring. You like to know what is going on around you, but with discretion. Your social magnetism is very strong now, use it to your advantage. It’s a good time to propose or reconcile. You are a little short of money and have a real desire to generate more prosperity.

FUTURE: Dream of white furniture indicates that you will be active, eager to have fun and all those experiences will be very stimulating. You will turn to someone close to you who will respond favorably to that request for help. Soon you will be victorious in a very personal situation. Later, you will have reason to thank this person. Everything you do now to improve your body, your hair and your skin will give excellent results.

More about White Furniture

Dream of furniture suggests that you will start the week with a lot of enthusiasm and joy and you will feel really invincible. Now, nobody will give you anything, but you will have to earn it, be clear. You will look for the way to conquer it again and to enliven the flames of passion. You feel good about being more in demand and having your bosses value your opinions and views more. You will feel closer to your family as it will show you in different ways how much it loves you.

Dream of white furniture contains special messages

ADVICE: Problems go away and you can enjoy your time and friendship. Try to do a little more exercise and you will feel renewed.

WARNING: Don’t spend so many hours in front of the computer or cell phone, as this can affect you physically. Don’t settle for little, you know how much you can achieve.

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