Dream of White Centipede

MEANING: Dream of white centipede signifies that focus on your own for the moment and don’t judge anyone by what others say or think. A friend will make it easier for you in the workplace today. You will want to be on your own to discover what you believe you have done wrong. Don’t be aggressive as kindness well used can be a powerful weapon. It’s time for you to consolidate some friendships you had somewhat neglected.

SOON: Dream of white centipede suggests that there are goals and dreams that take longer to achieve. You are maturing, on an emotional level, at a faster pace than you had anticipated. In any case, it is better to talk about it with her calmly. Believe it or not, it is fundamental for you, to be happy. Family and personal issues are very important at this time.

FUTURE: Dream of white centipede symbolises that you will notice that there is magic, romance and passion in the air. At the end of the conversation, you will both feel more relaxed. The events around you will be positive, especially in work or study matters. You will have answers you did not expect, and you will undertake a life full of meaning. You will receive some message that could lead you to reflection and growth.

ADVICE: Take care and defend what has cost you effort and work, both to achieve and to maintain. At home, you should anticipate christmas shopping if you want to make ends meet.

WARNING: Be generous, but don’t expect anything in return. Don’t let laziness set your agenda at the last minute.

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