Dream of Wearing Blue

MEANING: Dream of wearing blue means that you will also have the opportunity to show the bosses your worth in many ways. You may collect a debt you already gave up or receive extra money. You are giving up on something that you had once believed. Take care of your physical and emotional health by relaxing with meditation. There is something about your partner that you are not considering.

SOON: Dream of wearing blue expresses that what is clear is that you like security and to always put your feet on the ground. You recover from strange ills or from something that seemed to have no remedy. The best thing is that you decide to go to a specialist. You know that kindness and respect are essential. Passions are awakened and feelings are activated.

FUTURE: Dream of wearing blue suggests that a person close to you will help you with total generosity and you should accept it gladly. This gives you the opportunity to go out and have some fun. One of them will be the one to support you in your needs. A meal may be the best time to gain some kind of power in that area. Your generosity will open many doors that were closed to you.

ADVICE: Dare to make a change and improve your diet or do some kind of exercise. Dedicate yourself to observe more and do less for the moment.

WARNING: Get out of everything that invalidates or paralyzes you as a human being. Talk to your partner so he doesn’t worry or imagine ghosts where there are none.

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