Dream of Wearing Blue

MEANING: Dream of wearing blue signifies that the intellectual will be what marks this day. An aspect of yourself may still need some developing in order to achieve fulfillment. Offer your best face to the world, reinvent a new personality. Putting your feet on the ground can propel you to more concrete and wise goals. You need to start closing some fronts that you have opened for a long time.

SOON: Wearing blue in dream indicates that from time to time it is not bad to give yourself a whim and the perfect occasion has arrived. There is always a reason behind it, even if sometimes it does not appear in a clear way. You are in a good personal moment, but you are not accompanied by a good economic income. Sometimes you rush in and don’t know how to listen to others’ arguments. What matters is to be honest with yourself, as long as you don’t hurt anyone.

FUTURE: Dream of wearing blue signifies that you become independent of everything that ties you down or emotionally mutilates you. Your word will now have power and magic unless you put your mind to it. You will feel good if you do, because you will see positive reactions. You will be satisfied with how things will develop and will see important advances. You will be energetic and determined in all that means seeking work or obligations.

Dream of wearing blue contains special messages

ADVICE: Unload your mind with some physical exercise, it will relieve you a lot. You must gain confidence in yourself so that what is happening to you does not happen.

WARNING: Do not be afraid of rejection as the feeling is mutual. Consider that you may have to get away from that person or that group of friends.

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