Dream of Wearing A Turban

MEANING: Dream of wearing a turban expresses that in matters of love, you will now face reality and make courageous decisions. You must be discreet about a project that nobody knows about right now. You will finish a job or project that you have been investing a lot of time in your life. Your family relationships are not going well lately. You are overly confident in your future success.

SOON: Wearing a turban in dream indicates that maybe it’s time to go a step further or to acknowledge your fears to the loved one. Your relationship is more than consolidated and you feel a lot of love for it. You follow the steps of what you read one by one and trust fully. You act on impulse to help a group or someone claiming your support. Some of these visions may be useful, but others may be rather the fruit of your imagination.

FUTURE: Dream of wearing a turban expresses that hidden talents arise in you that you will now use with confidence. You may need some time to see things more clearly. You will see how a quite innovative project is not far away. You will feel highly creative and get to work with something new that excites you. Those moments of certain solitude favor you.

More about Wearing A Turban

Dream of turban signifies that during this day you will receive the positive news you were waiting for. Everything is going very well, but you need to rest so as not to go back at all. Positive news will change your view on some things. When you do, you will feel much more liberated from burdens. When this process is completed, he will thank you.

Dream of wearing a turban contains special messages

ADVICE: Save your energies for other causes that require more. Focus on activities that make you feel good and you will be happier.

WARNING: Avoid an invitation that is not really worthwhile. Don’t tell others what you consider personal.

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