Dream of Wearing A Purple Garment

MEANING: Dream of wearing a purple garment suggests that you need to find a better way to express your feelings or you or someone will get hurt. Today you won’t see it that way, but in the next few days everything will be much better. You may encounter internal resistance, but you can overcome it all if you decide to act. You are changing your beliefs about something. That will make you feel very generous, good inside.

SOON: Wearing a purple garment in dream symbolises that it’s time to take another step in your personal growth and in the knowledge of your own emotions. What you need to know now comes quickly to your ears. Your relationship has long asked you to take a step further. It’s time for you to think about becoming independent if you haven’t already done so. Your economy is not very buoyant, but it allows you certain whims.

FUTURE: Dream of wearing a purple garment signifies that if you remember something he said last week you will find the key. You will relax and contemplate everything with a much more positive vision. Everything has a positive side, and in this case you will come out stronger. You face this new stage with optimism because you are attracted by new challenges. If you put imagination, success is assured.

More about Wearing A Purple Garment

Dream of garment suggests that an acquaintance will give you a very valuable key so you can easily increase your income. You will be euphoric, talkative and eager to celebrate and tell people close to you. Your popularity is growing and many will seek you. Sport will be your ally to make things go more smoothly. The night instead will be to enjoy with your partner.

Dream of a purple garment symbolises that you will be very happy with the way things turn out. When you leave work, you’ll still be active and won’t feel like going straight home. Cultural encounters, such as visits to museums and exhibitions, will prevail. If you do a small count, you will see that you have taken a weight off your shoulders. Your friends will welcome you with open arms in the evening.

Dream of wearing a purple garment contains special messages

ADVICE: Distribute your day with skill and some discipline because that is the most convenient. Beware of the pressure you are under, you need to do things at your own pace.

WARNING: Don’t rule out being attracted to someone. Do not abuse your partner’s understanding or he will soon tire of your relationship.

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