Dream of Wearing A Leash

MEANING: Dream of wearing a leash symbolises that get organized so you don’t keep making the same mistakes. You need to take some time out for pleasure and leisurely activity. Put your finances in order, give them shape and structure to serve you in the future. Abundance means success and happiness, never fear. Your dynamism, magnetism and sex appeal are exalted.

SOON: Dream of wearing a leash expresses that it’s up to you to simplify your life and do what you like best and makes you feel good. It’s okay to express your thoughts openly, but try not to hurt others. Sometimes you are too sensitive and get angry about trifles. The relationship with the couple is intensified in the intimate aspect. Knowing how to forgive others is important for personal happiness.

FUTURE: Dream of wearing a leash expresses that you will be very discreet with your partner’s affairs. Your partner will be a source of understanding. Love is found for many of this sign abroad. You know that person would do the same for you. Information that does not concern you may come to your attention.

ADVICE: Be grateful to life and continue to fight for your ideals. Give yourself a break, make an excuse if necessary.

WARNING: Let yourself go and don’t put limits on yourself that no one else has put. Be very careful before committing yourself in any legal matter.

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