Dream of Untrustworthy

MEANING: Dream of untrustworthy means that taking care of the food will be very important. You may feel much lighter today and the burdens or responsibilities may not be so heavy. You will arrive home exhausted after a hard day’s work and you will only want to rest. Your partner’s eccentricity begins to wear you out. Find the information you need to carry out your professional purposes.

SOON: Dream of untrustworthy expresses that rarely do you feel disturbed by negativity, because you have faith that everything will work out. Your skills of any kind are enhanced, you know how to speak with the right words. Sometimes it is better not to make your wishes so clear. Your level of connection and intimacy is more magical than ever, and that doesn’t have to change. You enter a new stage feeling like the master of your destiny.

FUTURE: Dream of untrustworthy indicates that you may be planning to take another step in your relationship, such as living together. You will achieve something that seemed impossible to you. If you give your best every day you will have nothing to worry about. Outdoor sports can be a good resource to give free rein to your vitality. You will feel that your intimacy is a little exposed.

ADVICE: Those journeys that await you need perseverance and patience. If you have met someone interesting, try to meet them again.

WARNING: Don’t let more time go by without exercising. You need oxygen and to recover from the stress you have been enduring.

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