Dream of Turquoise Water

MEANING: Dream of turquoise water shows that a person who you know is not who you thought they were. Someone has a powerful influence on you. You are closing yourself off from others. There are mental changes and new ways of dealing with circumstances. Don’t be afraid of change as it will probably be positive for you.

SOON: Turquoise water in dream signifies that to cope with this, it is best to introduce a series of consensual changes. Your work goals are very ambitious, but they are by no means impossible. What comes next is much better, but you feel some fear and restlessness. You now put all your attention on your material possessions. At night it is best to rest and not to exceed anything.

FUTURE: Dream of turquoise water shows that one of your trump cards in relating to others will be the word. A friend will help you overcome this bump. At the last minute someone could make you a very interesting proposal. That others have another point of view is very respectable. You will smile when you see that you have a person from your family in domestic matters.

More about Turquoise Water

Dream of water means that the emotional affects the physical and is something you will notice strongly in your mood. You will dedicate the day to prepare a surprise for your loved ones. You will live a burning passion that will make you believe, again, in love. This will bring you, in the long run, satisfactions of all kinds. Nothing is going to be as difficult as you sometimes think.

Dream of turquoise symbolises that luck, your present and your future will now be linked to the foreigner. That person you are looking for is about to come into your life. When you feel better you will have the strength to conclude the pending matters. Even if you don’t know where the goal is, you can know what the next step is. That will bring you better results and serious expectations in the future.

Dream of turquoise water contains special messages

ADVICE: Go about your business, without despair, and let it be. Let yourself go without wondering if there are hidden intentions or not, keep away the bad omens.

WARNING: Don’t trust the first change from someone who can fool you. Don’t be naive and believe everything you are told.

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