Dream of Trying To Shoot Someone

MEANING: Dream of trying to shoot someone shows that passion and love can be cultivated. Your partner will be more accommodating to you. If you have a few pounds left over, you are at a good time to start a change in your life. Realize that only from understanding and love will you also be understood. Let him go his way and you do what you want.

SOON: Dream of trying to shoot someone symbolises that the best thing you can do is find your place in the world, and in that place there are no secrets. If you initiate changes, you may approach them with an unconstructive spirit. There are secrets you like to keep to yourself and you do well if they affect others. There is a part of you that is very spiritual and somewhat removed from reality. You don’t know it yet, but you’re playing it safe.

FUTURE: Dream of trying to shoot someone expresses that this is your year, and the next, in which a new illusion will appear for you, will be much more. You will be very frank with the family and they will return your sincerity. What you have learned will not fall on deaf ears. If you are planning to make a trip, it would be good to choose a natural environment. Soon new doors of communication and understanding will open between you and that person.

ADVICE: Organize your life and put yourself in the place you deserve. See if he is missing something or if you can help him emotionally or financially.

WARNING: Do not give any explanation and dedicate yourself to rest as much as possible. Don’t let money be what really inspires your motivations.

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