Dream of Tower

MEANING: Dream of tower expresses that there is nothing worse than giving advice to someone who doesn’t ask for it. Return the joy to you and that will give you much strength to go forward. You are learning from life’s lessons and have temporarily become its student. Realize that nothing and no one is perfect. You are going through a rather complex time as far as the family environment is concerned.

SOON: Dream of tower expresses that you can use a sleep cure and cleanse your body of harmful toxins. If you really get organized and sleep eight hours, the energy doesn’t have to disappear. You deserve to do what you truly want, even though there are people who may not understand it. You value much more what you have, what you have achieved with effort and sacrifice. You benefit now from the good luck of those close to you.

FUTURE: Dream of tower shows that you recover your energies and observe life with optimism. You will get everything you want as long as you act from honesty. If you do it with an open mind, you will see the positive. A new path will present itself before you and you will have to choose whether to travel it or not. Specifically, you will be surprised by someone who has not supported you on other occasions.

ADVICE: Don’t forget that you have always been able to trust her. Reserve some time to be alone, even if you have to make an excuse.

WARNING: If you don’t have a partner, it’s not the best day to look around. You must put an end to this farce and, if it has splashed someone, face.

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