Dream of Tiger

MEANING: Dream of tiger means that you feel that you’ve made a terrible mistake. Perhaps you need to be knocked into your senses. No one should question your motives or choices. You will feel something sad and nostalgia will invade you. You are keeping your emotions bottled up inside.

SOON: Dream of tiger shows that there is no one who can change your mind at this time. You are very sensitive and it is showing at work. The solution to economic problems is not in gambling, but in your perseverance. Although it may surprise you, you must assume that your personal charm attracts many people. You have a tendency to focus on only one aspect of your life and leave the rest alone.

FUTURE: Dream of tiger shows that you will move many issues with the desire to improve them. Your honesty will be your best weapon at this time. No matter what decisions you make, good or bad, they will all serve you as an experience. In the afternoon, you will receive a call that you will be very happy to receive. The future lies in what you like to do best and will not always be to everyone’s liking.

ADVICE: Take advantage of weekends to charge the batteries and disconnect from the day to day. Organize a different appointment in a place where you can chat with some intimacy.

WARNING: Don’t ignore a discomfort that reappears with some frequency. Do not discuss the decisions of other parents.

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