Dream of Thumbprint

MEANING: Dream of thumbprint indicates that you need to make a more informed decision instead of relying on fate. The important thing is that you disconnect completely and don’t do any work. You are not aware of what some people are saying behind your back. Use persuasion and ask for a favor, they will do it for you. You need to keep your mouth shut about something.

SOON: Dream of thumbprint indicates that you are the only one who should decide about their future. The best thing is to meditate well every step you take if it is related to money. The important thing is that you advise yourself well and act accordingly. You have finished physically and mentally saturated. You are a very luminous person, as those around you well know.

FUTURE: Dream of thumbprint suggests that at least you will share it with someone who appreciates you and is happy. You and your partner will live wonderful moments thanks to a radical change of attitude. Your long-awaited vacation is approaching and you are increasingly nervous and excited. Your projects will soon have good results, no doubt, thanks to the personal effort. The sooner you face it, the easier its solution will be and the lesser its consequences.

ADVICE: Find some time to rest without being disturbed by anyone. Don’t be shy, go ahead without fear and vindicate your efforts in front of a boss.

WARNING: Even if it means a greater effort, you should not ask anyone for help as you can manage on your own. Neither should you try to manage others, beware of this.

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