Dream of Telescope

MEANING: Dream of telescope suggests that you will be rewarded for your hard work. You may have to wait a little while to continue. You will impress someone special you might meet tonight. Stand up to pressure to spend more than you should for social commitments. Opportunities to own a business are increasing.

SOON: Dream of telescope signifies that the best thing you can do is to control yourself. It’s time to learn and, even if it’s complicated, to improvise. Your body is sending you messages so you don’t forget to take better care of yourself. Time to bet on the benefits of a healthier life. It’s good to bet on your health even if someone close to you doesn’t understand.

FUTURE: Dream of telescope means that you will renew your ideas and opinions if you give others the opportunity to present their ideas. As for those who are unemployed, some light will be glimpsed that will encourage them to continue. You will need to explain the financial plans to the family. You will have a clear opportunity to put these gifts into practice. The much desired change of job will come soon, although for now there is nothing you can do.

ADVICE: Try to find time to be with family and friends who have been abandoned. Support the people you love in their dreams.

WARNING: Be careful because you may not be aware of your own capabilities. At the same time, try not to criticize others.

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