Dream of Taxi

MEANING: Dream of taxi expresses that perhaps it is time for you to decide to confess that secret you have not dared to tell anyone. Today you will find that someone looks at you with a special interest and wants to get closer to you. You may want to repress some aspect of yourself that is represented by a dying person. It will not be a day when family relationships are in high demand. You must focus on the present and the here and now.

SOON: Taxi in dream indicates that at last the effort of the last few months is bearing fruit. It’s time to act and take charge of your life. It’s a step forward, even if you don’t get that feeling and think you’re going to waste your time. The most mentally healthy thing is to love yourself. It’s okay to think about it and apply the consequences to your life.

FUTURE: Dream of taxi signifies that in the end the destination will be on your side. You will have to relax and observe objectively everything you do and how you do it. With patience it will bring you satisfactory results. Now you will see that there are other ways to reach your goals and that they are not far. You’ll let yourself be carried away by passion and you’ll have plenty of suitors.

Dream of taxi contains special messages

ADVICE: Be as tolerant as you can, especially with the family, who will want to impose their criteria. Be careful on the next trip you have to make, especially with the loss of some object.

WARNING: And, above all, don’t listen to a toxic person who seems to want to make your life impossible. Be careful who you relate to, because everyone does not like that attitude.

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