Dream of Tastes

MEANING: Dream of tastes suggests that some subconscious material is attempting to make itself known. Project yourself safely and confidently in everything you do. Friendship is one of your most important values, but sometimes you don’t give it the importance it requires. You are somewhat irascible and think everyone is attacking you when it is not real. Don’t leave your happiness in the hands of others.

SOON: Dream of tastes symbolises that you feel more and more motivated and positive in your daily life, but you still have work to do. You can adapt yourself amazingly, although to do so you must get rid of some of your prejudices. There are positive results in a management or a consultation that has to do with legal. The best thing is that you see it in a positive way and that you don’t add more wood to the fire. You change certain attitudes to create a better environment around you, even at work.

FUTURE: Dream of tastes shows that a change of attitude will bring you satisfaction. You will be creative and you will want to innovate in leisure. Your will power leads you to achieve now what you want. You will be surprised by his response more than you can imagine. The date of a professional trip is approaching in which you are going to play a lot.

ADVICE: Be a little more careful about the companies you lately frequent. Recognize and empower those beautiful things that happen in your day to day.

WARNING: Don’t miss any of them and take a good look at everything you sign. Don’t waste your time with secondary roads that only lead you down the wrong paths.

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