Dream of Swimming In Poo

MEANING: Dream of swimming in poo indicates that your life is now saturated with activities, changes and many emotions. Strong tensions and lack of adequate rest can give you muscle problems. Do not judge them for it, and learn to observe your own behavior. You will take a test that you have to pass today with great ease and that is somewhat heavy or uncomfortable. Envy or rivalry can cause moments of tension in your work environment.

SOON: Dream of swimming in poo expresses that you are now receiving rewards and blessings for all you have sown in the past. You are offered a job or a new door opens in the professional. You still remember your ex-partner very often, but you must accept things. Now you can better handle neurotic, dependent and conflictive beings. This is a person who now does not live in your city and whom you love very much.

FUTURE: Dream of swimming in poo expresses that nature will give you calm and peace of mind. A good career opportunity may present itself at the least expected time. You will make good use of all those happy moments. Your partner will help you do it, let her do it. Actions, attitudes, will be more important than words.

ADVICE: Reflect on this and you will see that you can bring out the best in yourself. Do it with the same enthusiasm with which you have been doing your work.

WARNING: Try not to disappoint those who love you most. Don’t feel bad, better they talk about you than ignore you.

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