Dream of Swimming In Poo

MEANING: Dream of swimming in poo expresses that you are also overly concerned with what others think of you. The mystical, the psychic, will be greatly enhanced today. While not intended to create problems, it does create. Your intuition will work perfectly and you will not be manipulated. Don’t be afraid, you will get a big smile from him and you will also enjoy seeing his joy.

SOON: Swimming in poo in dream symbolises that you wish to advance with a more firm step, but there are things that stop you and you don’t know why. You are as young as your desires and as old as your memories. You are a person who turns a simple routine like dinner into something special. It’s better to put on a smile, even if it costs. Something comes back to you and that makes you renew your dreams and hopes.

FUTURE: Dream of swimming in poo means that if you have children, you get more honest communication. You will try to be more objective with the people closest to you. Your will and your ambitions will allow you to reach the goal in the shortest time. You will be able to set the rules and conditions for many situations. Now it will be essential to know who you choose as your partner in a project.

Dream of swimming in poo contains special messages

ADVICE: Speak to him calmly and confidently, but whatever he says to you, do not hold anything against him. Now that the good weather is here, choose a destination with a beach.

WARNING: Assumes that everything does not go well at first. Don’t get carried away by what society considers right or wrong.

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