Dream of Having Poo

MEANING: Dream of having poo symbolises that you have no other choice but to face, as of tomorrow, a certain work that is not to your liking. You are acknowledging and releasing emotions you have repressed. You could support some altruistic initiative. A project that you have set too many expectations on might not succeed. If she proposes changes or you see that she has new hobbies or interests, accompany her in it.

SOON: Dream of having poo suggests that talent and creativity are now available to carry out what you have in mind. The requests of the last months have finally been rewarded. The important thing is that you are comfortable with yourself. You are very valuable, but in order to prove it you must first believe in yourself. Clarity is essential for your life to flow as you deserve.

FUTURE: Dream of having poo indicates that with willpower, you will have no problem feeling good and having fun in a healthy way. You will receive an advice, listen to it carefully. Life can be exciting for you from this very moment. You’ll get the words and attitudes right and you’ll be charming. Your physical discomfort will disappear by itself without you having to propose anything.

ADVICE: Get into your spirit the ability to forgive a person who has offended you in the past. In the work you must do what your superiors command, even if you do not share their criteria.

WARNING: You must control your temper to avoid unnecessary upset. Listen to the complaints of those who need you and who will express it very clearly.

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