Dream of Sweden Stockholm Edition

MEANING: Dream of sweden stockholm edition expresses that you will take advantage of this holiday to take things very calmly and not stress about anything. Some aspects of your personality are in conflict. Beware of that certain envy you feel for a colleague who has achieved a certain notoriety. You are too overly concerned with what others think about you. Avoid unproductive discussions and stay away from those you don’t connect with.

SOON: Dream of sweden stockholm edition symbolises that the important thing is that you dare to try what your heart is asking you. You know that the most important things are not visible, but many times you forget. You have the command to be able to detach yourself from a situation that will do nothing for you. You are closer than you imagine, and it is not difficult for you to achieve. You are too impulsive and that is not bad, but you should not meddle where you are not called.

FUTURE: Dream of sweden stockholm edition means that good feelings around you, which you will know how to value and appreciate. You recently met someone you felt something for from the first moment. In the spirit there will be everything, you will try to avoid, or attenuate, by exercising outdoors. You start a prosperous stage for finances. You are dual, and can swim between two waters.

ADVICE: Take advantage of the time you have to take a course or learn a new language. Bring out your culinary skills and surprise your friends with an elaborate lunch or dinner.

WARNING: Some couple problems should be solved with a lot of left hand and understanding. If you don’t feel completely comfortable with a person, you don’t have to stay with them.

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