Dream of Surreal Science

MEANING: Dream of surreal science signifies that try to be more communicative with your partner and with your family in general. You will arrogantly step up to undeserved position of honor. Consider it today before you commit to something that could make you unhappy later. The best is yet to come, as you will see today if you keep your eyes wide open. If you don’t tell that person what you think, you will end up blowing up sooner or later.

SOON: Dream of surreal science suggests that you can make a serious decision perhaps related to the future of the children or a sale. Even if they don’t tell you, many appreciate your help and efforts. Since a person appeared in your life a few months ago, you are not the same. No wonder you found a special person or new friendships arose in your life. You begin a period of self-examination, to recognize and overcome psychological conflicts.

FUTURE: Dream of surreal science symbolises that you will feel very grateful to a person who will give you a great cable. Little by little you will see things in a different color. You are a persevering person and will soon find something to your liking. Sport will not be out of place either, although with some care and without excesses of any kind. A friend you haven’t seen in a while will write you on facebook.

ADVICE: Don’t be afraid of anything regarding a co-worker who is sometimes a little rude to you. If you embark on a personal project you should study it very carefully.

WARNING: Watch your bossy streak or you’ll annoy everyone around you. Go slowly and cautiously or i might judge you or spread a rumour by misrepresenting your words.

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