Dream of Stillbirth

MEANING: Dream of stillbirth signifies that you will not be responsible for a situation that will overwhelm you and that will be bigger than you. Last month has not been one of the best, but it’s quiet that today you start to come back. You will feel reborn now to a new life full of illusions and hopes. Try to choose from a place where fear cannot enter. A family member wants to help you in a somewhat delicate matter and you are not allowing him/her to.

SOON: Dream of stillbirth expresses that you are in charge of organizing a calendar or something related to vacations at work. You recover energy, even though you don’t want to wear it out physically or emotionally. No one is so bad or so good, there are nuances. Now it’s a matter of relaxing and waiting for events to move forward. A desire arises in you that you had long ago silenced or put aside mentally.

FUTURE: Dream of stillbirth expresses that a person close to you will propose to embark on a project with several partners. You will be presented with all the opportunities you need. If you have children, especially if they are small, they will help you forget those troubles. Great surprises, twists and opportunities you never even dreamed of are waiting for you. In any case, it will be a pleasant day in every way, take advantage of it.

ADVICE: Listen to your inner beat before acting in a wrong direction. Join the gym or play a sport, but take it seriously.

WARNING: Don’t waste any more time arguing with your partner about something you won’t agree on. Don’t listen to a negative person who is constantly complaining about work or how life is going.

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