Dream of Stage

MEANING: Dream of stage signifies that don’t try to see things only from your perspective with the family. You will wake up with your energy reserves fully charged and you will arrive full at night. Follow your path and forget about malicious criticism. Your personal life will be greatly enriched in the coming year. You need, for the sake of your health, to overcome the stress you’ve been through this week.

SOON: Dream of stage expresses that you have a high tendency to live in your shell and to go out little. There is a family member who is very proud of you. You are at your best to explore new things, learn and expand in all aspects. You know that success must be shared with someone who has helped you a lot. You know he needs it badly so act sincerely and honestly, without nooks and crannies.

FUTURE: Dream of stage signifies that in the afternoon you will live a special and wonderful situation as a family. In it there can be many wonderful things that make you enjoy this moment. You will bring information and guidance to all. You will now find answers to old questions and solutions to eternal problems. A person in your circle, perhaps in your family, demands more attention.

ADVICE: Be flexible and change what you were going to do for another more quiet or solitary activity. Take advantage of your good sense of humor and cultivate new friendships.

WARNING: Try not to make him feel that you are attacking him, simply that you show yourself as you are. You should take some precaution not to get carried away with prejudice.

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