Dream of Squeezing

MEANING: Dream of squeezing symbolises that you are trying to shield yourself from some higher spirit or force. The bells are ringing for you as far as love is concerned. Consider whether you are now in a position to make a greater commitment. Try to be in a better mood, because what makes you feel bad is your pessimism. You will again take control of your life and give greater freedom to those who depend on you.

SOON: Dream of squeezing signifies that it’s time you learned how to prevent certain ailments that recur in your body every few weeks. At some point, someone changes their mind. It’s time to act on your feelings, with honesty. It’s okay to try, but to a certain extent. You’ve been looking for a change for a long time and it’s time to get going.

FUTURE: Dream of squeezing expresses that you will start to build your network of relationships. You will criticize yourself in both the negative and the positive. Some close friends can help a lot in your professional life. During these days new doors will be opened to you and new opportunities will appear. The tension of the previous days will disappear without the need to talk about that misunderstanding.

ADVICE: Talk to the people involved and look for solutions. Be as flexible as you can to restart this situation from the most positive side.

WARNING: Analyze if you have not taken on more obligations than you can handle. Don’t make enemies because you want to prove you are running a business or a job.

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