Dream of Someone Saying They Hate You

MEANING: Dream of someone saying they hate you symbolises that for the time being, do not do anything, do not make any decision as it will not be right. Be careful that all this does not make you feel bad. Focus on the work and activate your creative side. Today you will apply this feature to something you have in mind to build or improve in a home. Find out what is happening as soon as possible and, if your doctor does not give you solutions, visit another professional.

SOON: Dream of someone saying they hate you signifies that hidden and envious enemies multiply around your space but no one can harm you. You are ready to take a leap and go out of your comfort zone. You plan an upcoming getaway and that encourages you a lot. You have home-related projects that you can finally get started. This is your moment to come out and conquer others with your charms on the sentimental plane.

FUTURE: Dream of someone saying they hate you indicates that everything now changes in your favor as you take responsibility for your actions. Someone will ask your advice and you should give it to them as honestly as possible. Doubts, fears and insecurities will be forgotten. You won’t look bad, you’ll find understanding and good communication in every way. You will meet someone who will help you a lot by providing you with some relevant information.

ADVICE: Be careful, because you are being tested. Analyze what direction you want to take in your relationship and act accordingly.

WARNING: The less you stop, the less that paralyzing sadness will last. Try not to let the bosses notice it too much because it is not the time to lower the guard.

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