Dream of Smell Burnt

MEANING: Dream of smell burnt suggests that there is mutual trust and perfect communication. It will be a very sweet day in which you will have some memorable encounters. Nature, the closer, the better to feel strong again and with inner peace. You will only set your goals too high. You and your actions are being called into question.

SOON: Dream of smell burnt symbolises that for you it was important because it reminded you of a happy moment in your past. The important thing is that you keep working on what you believe and don’t give up. Harmony is something that matters a lot to you, especially in your personal life. It’s time to get organized in all aspects. Of course you are right about something that, however, your partner sees differently.

FUTURE: Dream of smell burnt signifies that all that will make you happy, with the desire to do things. You will have to be strong and keep your spirits positive. You’ll be a little tired, but in a good mood. You will show a contagious mood and positive energy. The year begins and with it, new opportunities.

ADVICE: Take a relaxing bath with salt and warm water. Follow your path, just believe in what you see.

WARNING: Stop indulging yourself at the table and adjust your diet to your needs. Don’t give it any more thought, what’s done is done.

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