Dream of Shopping

MEANING: Dream of shopping suggests that at some point, the management of all that will not be placid, because you will have to force some situation. You will have to give your best since a superior will be watching you. To be generous is good, but with measure, while doing your own obligations. You are unveiling aspects of your subconscious. You just have to be careful with the excesses that will not suit your body.

SOON: Dream of shopping expresses that sometimes circumstances can be unfavorable at one time and very favorable at another. Having beautiful things or comforts around you in your most personal space is important to you. With your partner the relationship goes smoothly. You clarify your ideas about a friend who has somehow let you down. Your way of seeing life enters a period of transformation.

FUTURE: Dream of shopping symbolises that you’ll get on a roll and things will start to get smooth and simple. Your self-esteem is above the conditioning of the past. Communication with your siblings will be more fluid and there will be an exchange of confidences. You will feel the need to turn your life around. You will see clearly the situation and will be able to understand better the reasons of others.

ADVICE: Take a deep breath and enjoy a nice walk. Before making a decision, carefully analyze all options, taking into account all other opinions.

WARNING: Turn a deaf ear to criticism and move on. Don’t think that means they are negative.

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