Dream of Scary Levitation

MEANING: Dream of scary levitation indicates that you are trying to be more objective in some situation. Something important in your life has taken a turn and now it is your turn to assume it. You have to face your fears because escaping them or avoiding them is not the solution. Trust a person who has always supported you because he or she is in a better financial position than you. You are on the verge of an emotional outburst.

SOON: Scary levitation in dream expresses that it’s time to assume that there is nothing bad to hide. You are satisfied with a step you have taken that now brings you good emotional returns. This would suit you very well and the relationship you have with your partner would be strengthened. Things, whatever they may be, are best spoken clearly and promptly. Now you have the opportunity to show what you can do.

FUTURE: Dream of scary levitation means that maybe you can take a walk in nature or go to a beach that is not overcrowded. If you keep working hard, you will get it sooner or later. You will get a good result with the issues related to expenses. Life will help you take the following steps, but you must be aware of the signs. You are generous with your time and you will prove it.

More about Scary Levitation

Dream of levitation suggests that seemingly impossible dreams will come true. You will be pleasantly surprised at night. In the afternoon you may want to do some cleaning or home improvement. They will feel powerful, with renewed impetus, fuller and more optimistic. Someone will ask you for financial help and you will not be clear about how to proceed.

Dream of scary levitation contains special messages

ADVICE: Try to take a quiet walk, breathe freely before going home. Share with your co-workers some ideas that have been on your mind for a long time.

WARNING: Do not judge them for it, and learn to observe your own behavior. You must know, however, that the conclusion you will draw will not be understood at a rational level.

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