Dream of Sausage

MEANING: Dream of sausage means that loosening the reins is sometimes very good, and it can also leave you more free time. You can get more money if you turn to a project outside your daily work. You will have enough mental energy to start from scratch and things will be very clear in your head. Greater attention to family life would not go amiss. Your power of seduction will take you today to unknown but very rewarding lands.

SOON: Dream of sausage signifies that everything happens for a reason, even if we don’t realize it. Other classmates have the same feelings about this person, but are more cautious than you. The christmas spirit has taken hold of you. The past is past, but the present and future are within your reach. It’s time for you to take risks and decide to do new things.

FUTURE: Dream of sausage signifies that you know you still have other opportunities. Social relations and communication will be your forte in this period. You will enjoy a lot and live very full and pleasant moments. You will do well if you organize yourself better for this week. Conversations and relationships will be calmer and more reflective.

ADVICE: It’s a good idea to rethink the destination of a trip you have scheduled for the near future. Value what you put at stake, it’s important.

WARNING: Stay away from selfishness and be generous, because that will be the key. Be smart and learn to say no if you don’t want others to take advantage of you.

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