Dream of Sails

MEANING: Dream of sails means that you need to do some home improvement that you have been putting off for a long time. A desire arises in you that you had long ago silenced or put aside mentally. You are wasting your time in what is almost an addiction that takes you away from your true rest. You need to try and make it on your own abilities and merit. You are concerned about relationships and if you have a partner, more.

SOON: Dream of sails shows that someone gives you a good idea that you should put into practice as soon as possible. You know deep down that you are on the right path at this time in your life. These days you are going to take more risks to show your feelings. The important thing is that you act consistently in your day-to-day. Your relationship could use a change of scenery.

FUTURE: Dream of sails shows that a positive attitude helps things go well for you. You finally understand that not by going too fast you will now achieve your goals. Everything will be fine if you keep trying. Only in this way can you truly love another person. You may decide to change your image and leave a little aside all that means the winter.

ADVICE: Before the scale gives you a hard time, try to increase the exercise you do. Consider whether you are now in a position to make a greater commitment.

WARNING: Get out and distract yourself so you don’t turn your head. Try to be more risky and maintain your position in all areas and with everyone.

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