Dream of Rubbing Someone’s Legs

MEANING: Dream of rubbing someone’s legs means that a rather busy stage begins in terms of social relations. Everything that has to do with education and improving your intellect will be well used now. Fear will speak for a while, but you must move forward decisively. Things are not going smoothly for you in some aspect or situation in your life. He’s stealing your positive energy without you realizing it, because he interferes in your affairs.

SOON: Rubbing someone’s legs in dream suggests that action is good and necessary, but you must learn to relax. You are living a time of much change and altering your habits. It’s time to give you the opportunity to be free. Monotony may be the cause of the problems your relationship is going through. You are interested in making things clear, even if it is hard to keep the conversation going.

FUTURE: Dream of rubbing someone’s legs signifies that you will have to do a little more self-analysis. You will know who loves you, appreciates you, values you and who takes advantage of your good heart. Someone is going to admire you a lot for your achievements, and that will reinforce your ego. Throughout the day there may be some satisfaction of a family nature. You will seek to better yourself every day by going to courses and studying.

More about Rubbing Someone’s Legs

Dream of legs suggests that a new world will open up before your eyes and tell you many things about yourself. They may help you solve another issue where you need to have liquidity. You would do well to be quiet and observe how those around you are functioning. They will show you some affection, and you will only have to let yourself be loved and try to please. Health problems and personal problems will disappear as you change your way of thinking.

Dream of back rub expresses that you are going to wipe the slate clean, in order to improve your relationship. You won’t mind leaving home to go celebrate and share those special moments. You will recover the lost passion and enjoy each other very much. You will have to face an unforeseen event related to the family, a child, or a former partner. Your health will benefit from some of the new habits you are adopting.

Dream of rubbing someone’s legs contains special messages

ADVICE: You deserve it and you must seek that happiness. Try to relativize and control your thoughts.

WARNING: Rest well, next week you won’t have much time. Do not insist on believing that others are as honest as you are, because sometimes it is not true.

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