Dream of Reciting Surah Duha

MEANING: Dream of reciting surah duha signifies that show yourself grateful, with a kind or nice detail. You play by your own rules, and will hardly submit to the rules of others. You may be dealing with issues of passiveness/aggressiveness and authority/dependence. You need to have patience and calmness or else you will risk isolating yourself. Today you will be able to be calm or at least somewhat away from the tensions around you.

SOON: Dream of reciting surah duha suggests that at last the effort of the last few months is bearing fruit. The proximity of a trip you are scheduled to take makes you more nervous and excited than usual. Perhaps it is time to lay new foundations in the relationship and even a commitment. It’s worth seeing what your failures have been, at least, so you don’t commit them again. At your side is love and sometimes you do not know how to recognize it.

FUTURE: Dream of reciting surah duha symbolises that if you are still studying, during these days you will have the opportunity to improve your situation. Tomorrow you will take great joy and the waters will return to their course. He won’t take it as hard as you think now. You decide how you want to live, although of course you will have to overcome certain obstacles. You will not trip over the same stone again.

ADVICE: Simply stay in place without making any gestures. The truth is that you must live the present and enjoy it as much as you can.

WARNING: Try not to let those good resolutions at the beginning of the year fall on deaf ears. Don’t rule out meeting someone important for your professional future.

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Maryam Ado

This ramadan I dream that I’m reciting surah duha pls explain more to me My name is Maryamu


Assalam aleykum,I dreamt I’m in between two ladies who are reciting for me Surah ad duha with smiles on their faces.whats it’s meaning

Aboo Shaymah

I dreamt a man someone listening surah ad dhuha and I was correcting him the man who was reciting he is not even a muslim

Aurooj aijaz

Tonight I dream that I m reciting first two verses of surah duha..plz explain


I dreamt that I was taken going to a room, in a house of a family–African origin, with only the mother and children in sight. They took me to a room where I was expected to recite a Surah from the Quran to a Walee by the name of AbdulAallah Al-Hararri. I didnt know about this task, and my friend Noor went first. She recited Surah Al-Shams and she sounded good, but I knew she was making some mistake. While on the side, I was thinking of to recite Surah Al-Shams or Surah Al-Duha, I decided Duha