Dream of Recital

MEANING: Dream of recital signifies that it will make you forget some moment of tension that you have had and that now you see with much more calm. The next vacation will change your life, at least in some way. Listen before you speak, when others expose their ideas or opinions and you will avoid mistakes. You should dot the i’s and cross the t’s and prevent him from continuing with that attitude. You can’t keep hiding behind your mask and evading your obligations.

SOON: Dream of recital expresses that news about the health of someone close to you, a family member or friend, is very reassuring. You can afford some whim, so have some detail with her that is not expected. Your character is sweetened and you win the heart of those who at one time did not have faith in you. Your friends and admirers multiply but so do the envious. You wake up to new realities as far as your family or loved ones are concerned.

FUTURE: Dream of recital signifies that you still have many other activities that are more convenient for you. You will feel inspired to perform an action very different from the one you had planned to do. If you are a smoker, you will have great willpower to quit the vice. You will know how to walk again alone, without ties, but with hope by your side. You could find a new way to increase your income through the internet.

ADVICE: Ask yourself if you can keep up with this pace. You must give priority to the people you love, not to those who are not.

WARNING: Be careful to play with other people’s hearts. Think about it and try not to blame others for what is only your own.

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