Dream of Raspberries

MEANING: Dream of raspberries indicates that it’s time for you to put aside the issues of the heart to focus on the more practical and rational. You must let things flow and not seek discussion, it is not a day to set things straight. You are not using your time and energy wisely. The expenses you face lately are more than you would like. You have learned the lessons in the intimate and personal of your life.

SOON: Dream of raspberries means that there is someone by your side who shares your tastes, your ideas and your dreams. Everything indicates that you are ready to enjoy to the fullest. In any case, life is like that, people coming and going. Now you see it much clearer because you don’t mind saying what you think and or what you feel. You value like never before those friendships that are like family to you.

FUTURE: Dream of raspberries indicates that you will confess a secret to him and he will understand. You will need some time to calm down and make a decision. Love will work from the side of mutual support. You will feel that those around you make you very happy. You will succeed in imposing your criteria, you exercise leadership very well.

ADVICE: Go with your instincts and break the rules. Free yourself from what they say and make up your mind to do your life once and for all.

WARNING: Don’t let your past mistakes continue to threaten your present. Try not to pay with others, they are not to blame.

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