Dream of Provision

MEANING: Dream of provision indicates that try to be more communicative with your partner if you want him to understand your feelings. A matter that seemed simple could become complicated and expand in time. Perhaps you are being cautious or mysterious. The new thing you undertake now will be interesting. You will only set your goals too high.

SOON: Dream of provision shows that to be ordained can be a virtue, but without exceeding. Only you have the keys to understand what you really want. You are much fitter than a few months ago, but the work must continue. Recently you met a person you liked from the first moment. Near you there is a person who expects more than you can give him affectively.

FUTURE: Dream of provision indicates that your eccentricity will draw powerful attention and that will make you feel full. That will make you feel satisfied and confident in your social behavior. Someone is going to make you feel very good, probably feed your ego, your security. Your mood will be closely linked to your health. No plan will resist you, but avoid committing yourself to everyone or you will not be able to cope.

ADVICE: Trust yourself fully and act differently. Make a difference and then the changes you really want will be activated.

WARNING: If you see any reaction that you don’t like, let it go. Remember that no one is perfect, not even you, even if you often forget.

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