Dream of Obeah

MEANING: Dream of obeah expresses that trust a friend who will give you his opinion or an important clue. Refrain from discussing certain topics pertaining to your privacy with third parties. You miss someone, but the occupations of both of you do not allow you to see each other assiduously. You should reserve your love life only for you and your partner. You should not interpret the words your partner uses to refer to an event that has already happened.

SOON: Dream of obeah means that you feel a constant inspiration, always looking for new experiences. You have a great goal that still looks far away in time. If a breakup should occur, it would be best to deal with it in an adult manner. To rectify is wise and you know that sometimes your more impulsive side can. Your economic perspective is well protected.

FUTURE: Dream of obeah shows that emotionally, you are heading towards a very interesting state of concentration. They will even applaud your hard and persevering work, to achieve your goals. You’ll feel good about a getaway to a quiet place like a spa or a cottage. Nothing will paralyze or intimidate you now. If you continue like this, before summer arrives you will receive the news you are waiting for.

ADVICE: Learn from mistakes and keep this experience. Leave out some unimportant activities so that you have time to spare for your partner.

WARNING: Don’t let laziness set your agenda at the last minute. Don’t get into wars that are not your own, that would be a mistake.

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