Dream of My Breaking

MEANING: Dream of my breaking shows that know your weak points so that you can surpass yourself in everything that you like or desire. A friend will propose you to do something that might seem more fun. You will have to work harder than usual to complete certain pending work issues. They will applaud your achievements and your ability to be accurate on many issues. You are experiencing some disruptions that are hindering your goals.

SOON: Dream of my breaking expresses that you are in a state of mind and only you should make the decision that you consider correct. You have already grown and matured with respect to situations and relationships that kept you stuck. You are very active at work, which makes you forget about your free time. You can plan something for the weekend that you find exciting and wonderful. You are now in control of your finances and making good use of your money.

FUTURE: Dream of my breaking shows that if you are single, you will be very attracted to a person. With your word you will come to touch the hearts of many. You can afford certain licenses, but be conservative with money. You will wake up late and rested, so you will be in a good mood all day. You will meet a very attractive person that you will like from the first moment.

ADVICE: Breathe, sleep, rest, listen to your body and don’t plan anything all day. Make a decision and assume the consequences.

WARNING: Don’t let anyone get too involved in your relationship with your partner. Don’t get carried away by false sentimentality or emotional blackmail.

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